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Why Should Children Play With Channapatna Toys?

We understand that as a consumer, you'll have a plethora of questions about the quality and benefits of playing with our toys. What makes our toys unique, and why should your children play with them?

Respect for History

Our toys are sourced from a humble factory located in Channapatna called Bharath Arts and Crafts. Its inception dates back to sometime around the 1700s, which means that it is as historic as the conception of Channapatna toys.

The artisans in the factory continue to employ historically grounded methods of making these wonderful toys and have also been integrating innovative ways that imbibe the essence of conservation for decades. These handmade toys have been made using soft ivory wood for many years, with utmost care being given to the trees' renewability and recyclability.

100% Sustainable Wood

The toymakers in Channapatna have made it their routine to follow indigenous practices that give and take from the environment in perfect balance and harmony.

Ivory wood trees are abundant in Channapatna, whose ambience can be relished from morning walking trips in the town. These trees bear tiny and tender white flowers that smell of vanilla, which always leave their mark in the whitish-hue of the wood after it is polished and smoothened.

The people share a powerful bond with the trees as they are also used for other indigenous purposes and medicinal benefits. The trees and the people share an amicable, symbiotic and prosperous relationship. Even today, artisans prefer to procure wood from their local markets and season them within their households rather than source them from the city or outside.

While the artisans pour their creativity into the handicraft, the people in the village manage the ecosystem. As they are fast-growing, replaceable and replenishable, the ivory wood tree remains the most sustainable choice for continuing the Channapatna tradition. What's more, the pollen of these trees can quickly disperse in the air and grow as saplings elsewhere.

Our factory only cuts the branches of these trees, since they grow back readily. Our toys are not a product of deforestation or logging. Furthermore, the practice is also recognised and verified by the Artisan Training Institute and the Government of India.

Play-tip: Your child can rattle, jingle, clack and clatter their wooden toys against one another and experience the rich sounds of the wood. It is a great way to learn about Earth and its spectacular wonders!

Safe, Non-Toxic and Vibrant Colours

The wood is processed attentively by many artisans who have inherited the artistic legacy for years. Since ivory wood absorbs colours with ease, it continues to be popular among artisans who can identify colours from any natural product and utilise them as dyes.

After the wood is chiselled and shaped into desired toys on simple and manual machines known locally as lathe, it is smoothened with sandpaper and coated with lacquer. The lacquer is obtained from a natural compound called shellac, a resin secreted by female lac bugs found on many wooden trees in India. It is then combined with colours obtained from natural products such as vegetables and spices.

Each dye has a story and origin of its own. The yellow toys are dyed with turmeric, a popular and common spice found in Indian households and used as a condiment in desserts and meals. Blue is derived from Indigo, and different shades of red are sourced from vermillion, which is obtained by drying turmeric and treating it with slaked lime.

Hence, the finished product undergoes an entirely ethical and eco-friendly process. While playing, the lustrous surface of our toys will reflect your child's bright face and allow them to look at the mirror of nature metaphorically. Our toys are 100% natural, from A to Z.

A Glimpse of Channapatna

Additionally, by playing with our toys, your child will become part of a story that is worth listening to, learning and experiencing.

Imagine walking down a muddy and trodden road amidst vast greenery while breathing in the fresh air that perpetually inhabits the atmosphere in Channapatna. Fair and Green will give you and your child a glimpse into the archaic, renowned and eco-friendly Channapatna tradition right at your home.

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