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Designers Win International Design Award With The Prototypes Created At Bharat Arts And Crafts

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

18 January 2019, Tokyo, Japan.

Designers from Bangalore won Kokuyo Design Award for the best industrial design at Tokyo, Japan. The product is named "Paletteballet" which is an interactive painting kit for children.

Athul Dinesh, Ghufran Ahmed and Pranav Kishore Bidwe who are the students of National Institute of Design won this prestigious award competing with 1289 world- wide entries.

Palleteballet was started as a project to improve the way in which children make their artwork. A workshop was conducted to understand how they paint. The activity was closely observed and recorded. Thoughts were put into improving this experience into a better one and Palleteballet was born. The skill of traditional Channapatna artisans was an essential part of this project.

See Athul's works at

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