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Our Artisans

We are a group of artisans from the locality of Channapatna. Most of our main artisans are women. We train the artisans and help them polish their skills and improve their craftsmanship so as to get the best quality of product every time. A few years back when we started, nobody really thought this field would be women dominated, but today Bharath Arts and Crafrs proudly consists of 65% women artisans. In the beginning we had only one female employee and now its a rather large number. The way we went about it was that we recruited women from around the locality. Some were working in brick factories/kilns or other manual labor related work. Some were recently 12th pass and so needed means to sustain themselves and their family. In the beginning they were a bit apprehensive. But then we managed to teach them the ways of toy making, and they in turn taught it to the newer recruits. And so we managed to create a network of women who were supportive to each other and were ready to learn and teach this new craft. We even encouraged them to travel together and made the provisions for a bus pass so they could travel.

Whenever possible, we try to help out our fellow craftsmen in any way possible. However we do not have a dedicated government scheme or anything like that. Whatever we do, we do out of the goodness in our hearts. We help our craftsmen get back up on their feet and do what little we can to ensure their stability in times of uncertainty.

The factory operates due to the efforts of everyone involved. There are many operations going on simultaneously; from turning, carving painting all the way up to quality control in the end. We would like to commend our artisans for their dedication and creativity, for they give their 100%. The work done here is completely  manual so essentialy we rely on the artisans' skill and dedication to the job. Whether it be working for long hours in the factory, or under the bright/harsh lights during quality inspections, we definitely have our hands full when it comes to a smooth functioning day.

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